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The Organization Relationship With Society
• The widest possible student access to the Organization.

• The contribution which the Organization can make to society through the pursuit, dissemination, and application of knowledge.

• The place of the Organization within the broader academic and local community.

• We offer full support including training, events, teaching and learning resources, and membership of a global community.

• Deliver world-class international education through the provision of curricula, assessment and services.

Languages Course :

  • Languages Courses is a set of Standards covering the four language
    skills - listening, reading, speaking and writing.
    The course cover all levels of languages ability from very low to
    very high on a single scale for each skill.
    These languages courses are intended for people who wish to measure
    general languages competence using work, home, social and travel
    settings and people who wish to monitor their own progress.

We'll Make Sure they reach the highest degree in Labeling

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Level of languages Required :

  • Trainees will be expected to have a general language proficiency
    in addition will need to apply and use the special vocabulary,
    idiomatic expressions and abbreviations generally used in the daily

    The Course will offer for the trainees the ability to :
  •  Produce a range of simple language which is sufficiently
        accurate and clear to be understood by a listener.
     Demonstrate an understanding of the working roles of people
        in different places.
     Use the specialized language of multi industry.
     Understand simple information and/or instructions upon
        these and respond appropriately when required.
     Contribute to and interact effectively in a variety of
        simulated in practical life.

    Duration :
  • 2 Hours per day –> 2 Days per week -> 5 Weeks.

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